Public Utilities

Vancouver and Clark County Wa Public Utilities

Utilities and Communications

Use this directory to obtain service in the Clark County area. Call your area service agency to find out details about requirements (Such as deposit) and service (connection scheduling in advance may be needed).


Be sure to note the greater Vancouver area code is 360. In Vancouver, CenturyLink and AT&T provide local and long-distance telephone service. Verizon and TDS Telecom serves parts of Woodland, Camas, Washougal and Yacolt. Lewis River Telephone covers sections of Yacolt, Woodland and La Center.

GST TelecomĀ  Electricity

Electric rates in Vancouver cost about half the national average and are lower than the Portland Metro area.

Rates: approximately .042 cents per kilowatt hour

Natural Gas

Monthly rate for any 2 pieces of gas equipment:

  • $5.43 for first 6 terms
  • 52.229 cents for next 34 terms
  • 47.233 cents for all additional terms

Minimum monthly bill: $5.64

Garbage & Recycling

Rates for Garbage: (approx.)

  • $13.75/month (inside the city)
  • $13.08/month (outside the city)

Rates for Sewer: (approx.)

  • $11.10/month (inside the city)
  • $18.40/month (outside the city)


Vancouver and surrounding areas in Clark County lie on top of enormous aquifers reaching thousands of feet below the surface. That means a continuous supply of crystal clear water for Clark County residents and industry.


  • .95 cents/100 cubic feet (inside the city)
  • $1.43/100 cubic feet (outside the city)


Taxes in Clark County are strikingly different from those of the Portland metro area. While residents here pay 7.6% sales tax (state and local rate combined), Washington residents do not pay any personal or corporate state income taxes. Clark County residents report property taxes are nearly 2/3rds of what Oregon residents pay on comparable properties.


  • Real & Personal Property $14.487 per $1000
  • Business & Occupation Tax % of Gross (varies)
  • Annual Motor Vehicle Fee Based on Value
  • Motor Fuels Tax 23 cents/gallon